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Welcome to the Home Page of the ANCIENT WISDOM Web Site, where we encourage all seekers to contribute, no matter what their religious or spiritual background.


Mission Statement 


THE ANCIENT WISDOM WEB SITE is dedicated to the promotion of co-operation between faiths. It seeks to develop contacts between the members of each, mutual support in the furtherance of common ideals and ultimately the spiritual advancement of the whole human race. It does this in the hope that it will promote the establishment of a New Age of Peace and Universal Brotherhood.



This Website


The authors of this web-site recognise the essential unity of all major faiths – that all of them reflect the same ultimate values of spirituality. But we also recognise that all faiths are different, just as the colours of the rainbow are different. Nor is this without purpose, for human beings are all different, we are all on the journey to spiritual fulfilment, but there are many different routes that we can take. All can lead us ultimately to that goal, and although the journey may be long, if we persist we will reach the Goal at length.


These different routes are variously known as faiths, religions, cults, denominations or sects, but howsoever you know your own belief system it is the route by which you are presently travelling. And if it satisfies your deepest spiritual urges, then for you at this point in time it the Way you are meant to be travelling. But that does not mean that it is the right way for all, nor that each one of us cannot learn something from other belief systems and thus it is that the earnest seeker continues to seek!


The problem for many has been that most organised faiths seem to place more value on the outward trappings of their religion that on its highest spiritual knowledge, which has often been restricted to its leaders, howsoever they may be named and not generally available to Seekers from without.


That is why, in this web-site we encourage tolerance and the exchange of views without criticism bigotry or rancour. We welcome contributions from those who have advanced knowledge of their own faiths and who are willing to share it, for only thus can the true beauty of those spiritual jewels be revealed to the world. And although the picture is yet far from complete, already we can see that in their highest ideals and most inner teachings, there is a surprising degree of agreement to be found in widely different religions.


It is these common ideas which we seek to gather together in this web-site, emphasising the common basis of all religions rather than their outward differences. We look deep into the mists of history, seeking to uncover the original ideas of each faith – the ancient beliefs and teachings of its Founders, or their sources of inspiration, for like it or not all faiths have their roots in one or more, older belief-systems.


It is this Ancient Wisdom that we seek to reveal on this website. The authors do not make any claim to exclusivity, nor do they claim a new revelation. They are, like the readers we seek to attract, merely seekers, who have been willing to share their own spiritual experiences with the world at large, and they urge others to join them in doing the same



How You Can Help


This web-site is still under construction and perhaps it will always be “still under construction” for in truth the combined spiritual knowledge of the human race, past, as well as present, is indeed vast.  Therefore we welcome help, provided it is well-intentioned and not merely seeking to promote a narrow sectarian point of view. On this Home Page there are links to many pages and/or sub-sites of which most are unstarted and await an author who feels competent to write on the subject indicated. If you are such a person, please submit your contribution to the e-mail address provided


Equally, if you would like to comment on a published article or ask for further information, we would be happy to hear from you, and provided the response is not too overwhelming, will respond personally to each  questioner.


May the Peace and Love that comes from the highest ideals of your own hearts be enhanced within you all.


Brother John

This site will present our organization's cause or ideas to the world. As communicating isn't always easy, we'll try to include photos and images that convey our message (remember, a well-chosen picture is a great way to get a point across). We'll also include specific information about our organization and its members, so no one forgets the people behind the pictures.

On this home page, we'll introduce our cause or message. We'll also try to include a picture or two that represents the kind of work we do.

Mission Statement

To ensure people get the right idea, we'll include a brief statement here that describes our organization. We'll tell people what we want to accomplish and exactly how we plan to do it.


The oldest parts of Stonehenge date from 3100 B.C., and it was progressively extended over nearly 2000 years. It is commonly associated with the Celts, whose priests, the Druids, undoubtedly used it, but they only arrived about 500 B.C. and we know little enough about their beliefs and practices.
We know even less about those of their predecessors. It seems, however that Stonehenge provides proof that the Ancient Wisdom of the Druids was much the same as had been taught in Britain more than 3000 years before Christ.
This picture of the Holy Spirit or Divine Mother, was painted by Anson Dyer in 1929.
Called Wisdom in the Old Testament, She was regarded as the Female Aspect of the Godhead by Far Eastern Christianity at least until the Moslem conquest in the 7th century.
The belief that the Holy Spirit is Female was lost much earlier in Graeco-Roman Christianity, though the Byzantine Emperor Justinian seems to have been one who supported it. In the 6th century he built what was then the largest Church in the world and dedicated it to the Holy Wisdom (Hagia Sophia).
Although medieval Christianity was strongly patriarchal and worshipped an all-male Trinity, increasingly today Christian thinkers are coming to accept the idea of a Female Aspect of the Divinity.
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