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The Ancient Wisdom in Aboriginal Australia

What is the Ancient Wisdom?
Medieval Christianity and the Fall of the Ancient Wisdom
Classification of Religions
Monotheism or Polytheism?
Idolatry in Monotheism
Aboriginal Australia
American Indians
Ancient Arabia
Ancient Babylon
Early Christianity
Nestorian Christianity
Orthodox Christianity
Tibetan Religion

Aboriginal religion has much in common with other ancient religions and thought systems. Indeed it seems to have derived from the same ancient concepts as most, perhaps all of the others. It is almost as if all religions come from the One Divine Source

The Rainbow Serpent
Symbol of the Ancient Wisdom

Traditional Aboriginal religion has clear links with both the Matriarchal and Patriarchal forms of religion. Some of the links are clear - others are less obvious, but for instance the Rainbow Serpent can clearly be seen as symbolising Divine Wisdom, the Mother aspect of Divinity.

The serpent has been seen as representing wisdom in many ancient belief systems and even in the Christian Bible the Serpent in Genesis 3, is described as being "wise". In the Hebrew language, and indeed in many other cultures, Wisdom is linked with prophesying and the ability to contact other realms.

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